Michael "Guy" Packett

The ever optimistic heir to a now miserably failed maid and dry cleaning fortune.


Brains 2 – Removing stains

Muscles 3 – Carrying equipment

Moves 2 – Cleaning shit

Cool 5 – “It’s all gooood”


Michael could be said to have a very bad instinct for business. This is not completely true. his instinct for business is great and he’d be incredibly successful, well if he wasn’t about as dense as a ton of hard packed cement. At one point he was the second to his mother and father in their quite well known and stable dry cleaning and maid service. Unfortunately for him and all the multitudes of people employed there, the company was transferred over to Michael upon their untimely deaths at the hands of [insert comedic method of death that changes each time the story is told]. shortly after acquiring the company, the changes began. only by his incredible charisma and especially his ability to reassure people of the positive side of pretty much anything he did, the employees stayed working diligently for the company. At this point the company had taken impressive turns for the worse and had attained the impossible and all but completely tanked in a matter of about a month. for a few months after that the company managed to hang on, held aloft by reputation alone before going completely under on September 17th sending all the employees onto unemployment and shafting them on their last months paychecks. Oddly enough, that date also happened to be the anniversary of Michael’s parents’ marriage, not like it really matters at this point anyways.

For a few months Michael worked odd jobs and eventually found himself working for the city cleaning up the random shit the hobos left all around. As luck would have it the day before his inevitable firing from this job as well, he was cleaning in front of the old fire station occupied by the Spokane branch of the ghostbusters. He summarily applied/was offered a job and immediately was hired and trained.

Now All Michael has to do is eventually try to make enough money to repay all the lost and unpaid paychecks then begin saving and learning to try to rebuild his now crumbled empire of stain removal.

Michael "Guy" Packett

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