Francis Chuckman

The Intern


Brains: 5 – Computers / Occult

Muscles: 2 – Dragging

Moves: 4 – Running Away

Cool: 1 – Seduction

Physical Description: Would be a bit tall and lanky if he actually stood up straight every once in a while. His front teeth are just a little too big for the rest of his face and there is a fairly large gap between them that, combined with his unusually large and doleful eyes, make him look a bit like a rabbit to some less-than-friendly folk. He needs glasses for reading but usually goes without. Usually wears black clothes that are “perfectly fine” to wear even after many days of use.


Francis comes from a long line of nine-to-five heroes and his mother knows the proprietor of the Spokane franchise personally which is how he landed what he thinks is a pretty sweet job. The pay supports his day-to-day need for new reading material and a steady supply of legalized stimulants and each night there is a warm bed to curl up into assuming Marty hasn’t set it on fire too recently. Plus there’s the fringe benefit of working as a real-life ghost-buster and that usually goes over really well with the goth crowd which he so desperately craves to be a part of. It’s not the nihilism, bad poetry or the darker wardrobe that excites him, in fact he finds all those things slightly cheap. It’s all about the sexy goth chicks in Francis’s admittedly one-track mind.

Francis did have some problems adjusting to his coworkers at first, particularly the now blessedly absent “Master Mover” who was especially antagonizing. The two were engaged in a rising game of retaliation until Francis ran the dreaded Double-M over with the Ecto-Mobile, which signaled the end of their exchange and, presumably, Francis’s internship. He assumed that he had either killed or horribly maimed his adversary and accordingly planned a tactical retreat from society whilst attempting to hack into the Spokane police department and erase all evidence of his misdeeds. After many months of work and isolation Francis was finally able to ascertain that not only was the underage hoodlum largely unscathed but that he had never pressed charges, which allowed a relieved Francis to return to work after a brief period of “non-paid vacation” spent brushing up his computer savvy.

To Francis, the Spokane franchise is not so much a job as it is a second home. A place where he can spread his considerable stink without his mother complaining about what the neighbors might think and be amongst peers who respect his desire to keep to himself. This would no doubt delight his employer but for that he is always a little confused when the necessity of actual work is brought up, a thing for which Francis has little patience or understanding. He is largely unimpressed by the perils of busting and will happily assign himself less glamorous work such as PK-duty or simple building maintenance if it reduces his responsibilities.

Francis Chuckman

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