Woody Schwartsman's Spokane Ghostbusters

Session 8: Mint Chip

Sponsoring our troops!

August 4th, 1992

Woody is back from police questioning having cock blocked their efforts with a “trade secrets” line. The Ghostbusters find their morning interrupted by girls scouts selling cookies for their troop. Initially Woody tries to field the salesgirls but they coerce him into the purchase of many cookies before Michael steps in and tries to sell the girls some Ghostbusters merchandise. The girls buy some GB crap, mostly because they think Michael is dreamy. They instantly swap from strong-arming Woody to giggling at each other in the presence of Packett.

Before the girls leave Woody gets the idea that maybe they should sponsor the troop for PR purposes and Michael and Woody negotiate having the girls help them sell the truckload of GB merch they have filling the HQ. Woody calls up their troop leader to talk and they make plans to meet up.

The team responds to an old woman’s false alarm and pretend to capture a ghost when in reality they just found a raccoon in her vents and threw it over the fence and off of her property. They bill her accordingly and she pays with an antique box with gold trim. After returning from their job, more girl scouts arrive to take wagon loads of GB merch away for selling. Woody arranges to have it appraised at a later date.

The next day they receive a visit from the biker gang they’re working for demanding to know what their progress is on the case. Woody and co placate the bikers with some of their newly acquired girl scout cookies, and promise to keep them more in the loop. The bikers leave and the GB take this as reason to actually get their investigate on. Working off the evidence they had found of witchcraft on their biker stakeout they try to see if there are any covens around. They don’t come up with anything solid, but they do find several things that merit further investigation, like some church groups at the community center.

Woody meets Sandy Kane, the girl scout troop leader. She seems mostly normal but sometimes says militant things about gender equality. She and Woody talk and Woody agrees to sponsor their troop spending $500 to do so. They talk about Ghostbusting badges and ghost information workshops.



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