Woody Schwartsman's Spokane Ghostbusters

Session 7: Johnny Law

A routine traffic stop

August 3rd, 1992

After attending their own side matters at the office the team decides that in order to investigate the problems of their clients (the “Bother Speed” bikers) they should investigate the group’s rivals, the “Collected Souls” gang. They decide to go incognito and take some civilian vehicles and so end up in two groups. Marty and Michael in one group, everyone else in another.

After much discussion Marty and Michael drive in a car Marty has just sold to Michael he repo’d at some point, and the car doesn’t exactly smell like roses. This prompts the “M” group to take a detour to a convenience store to buy an ass ton of air fresheners.

Everyone else continues on their merry way until lights and sirens pull them over. They’re stopped by a ‘72 Dodge Polara Pursuit and one of the Officers walks up and harasses Woody, who is driving his blue Nissan Stanza. He breaks out the old law enforcement chestnut of “Your tail light is out” before he smashes it in. The whole time this is going on, Francis is dicking around with a PKE meter and notices that this dude is giving off readings, and Woody notices the name on the Officer’s badge says “Law”. They don’t know if this guy is possesed or a ghost so Fink takes a PKE goggle peak at the Polara pursuit and the other officer inside it. The other officer is also hot.

Eventually Fink decides to stumble out of the car nonchalantly and the whole situation goes apeshit. It becomes quite apparent that the officers are apparitions as Johnny Law uses the long arms of the law like he’s Mr. Gawd Damn Fantastic, using his abilities to restrain, deactivate the party members packs, and even manages to confiscate a pack, as Francis mostly cowers. His partner however does nothing and just when things seemed crazy enough, Marty rolls onto the scene and hits a proton pack that had flown out of the trunk of the police cruiser after being confiscated by Johnny Law.

Radiation begins to leak, and Johnny’s Partner seems perfectly willing to ditch him at this point as when an enraged Johnny law tries to escape into his cruiser, his partner throws the keys off into the distance.

Mr. Law having taken some well placed neutrona wand fire has become mindless and is easy capture but the radiation that the group figures out is occurring is still a problem. Fink does a field fix, and the other officer, Officer Friendly, comes back from trying to make some distance from all the crazy to help handle the hazardous proton pack.

By this time Francis has run off in fear but is on contact on walkie-talkie and the group tries to get in touch with corporate on a phone Francis borrows from a gas station. After having to listen to an automated after hours menu and selecting the emergency option and inputting their franchise number, they get in touch with GB auditor Jim Gables, who after having to check with someone more knowledgeable, advises the team to fire the pack continuously for 30 minutes to vent the radiation…. which attracts police attention, but Officer Friendly, whom the GB are evaluating the threat level of instead of just blasting him since he’s handling the irradiated equipment says he’ll try to talk to the PD.

He does a terrible job, but it’s clear he’s trying and Marty jumps in to help explain the situation. In the end, they have to take Woody in for questioning, but the whole situation went as well as anyone would’ve expected.

And that was how the session ended.



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